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Why Wordpress Is A Business Tool

WordPress is one of the top and fastest growing tools that businesses use to build their websites and attract their customers. It’s actually gotten so popular that there are WordPress Developers who are dedicated to building such websites for businesses, and get paid for doing so. A new market must mean that something about the platform must be worth it. Let’s take a look at some qualities of WordPress that make it one of the number one business tools today.


Blogging is one of the main aspects of any WordPress site, whether you go hosted or self-hosted with the platform. The reason blogging has become so popular is because it gives business owners an opportunity to connect with people directly, giving them updates of new news and promotions, as well as any helpful advice or tips regarding the niche. In the age of information, blogging is one of the world’s primary business resources, and WordPress has taken full advantage of being a number one provider of a business’s blog resource.


WordPress developers understand that not every entrepreneur is also a webmaster. For that reason, it offers two different types of platforms. WordPress.com, which is simple, gives the user access to a domain name, comes with several layouts/themes to choose from, and also provides site statistics. There’s also WordPress.org, which is for someone with a bit more experience in technology, and offers the use of plugins on top of everything else that WordPress.com offers.

While WordPress.org is a bit more complicated in order to gain some extra control over your site, it’s still much less complex than becoming knowledgeable about markup language that it takes to build a website. WordPress.org still offers layouts/themes that you can buy for a quick fix to your sites aesthetics, as well as plugins (a lot of which are free) for you to use to make your WordPress experience much more convenient than it would be without them.

Connect With PayPal

With WordPress.com, business owners cannot put up “buy now” PayPal buttons, however with WordPress.org, you can incorporate your business shop right into your website, which makes for a much easier setup than, let’s say, owning a website and linking the shop button to Etsy, giving you an extra site to keep up with. With WordPress, you can accomplish everything together, which is something business owners truly love able the platform.

Social Media & Mobile

WordPress also connects seamlessly with any social media site imaginable, with all of the plugins it offers. Your Tweets can be seen right on your page, and you can also link your posts to websites like Twitter & Facebook as well, letting everyone know that there’s new news that’s been shared. You can do this on the go with the mobile WordPress application, or straight from your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress is a business tool for multiple reasons, and a popular one because the reasons are good ones. Business owners everywhere are attracted to the ease and convenience that WordPress has to offer, charging you, at most, only $100 to have a fully-functional website.

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