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What Should I Outsource?

Every entrepreneur gets to the point in his or her new business where it’s time to hire some help. This isn’t the in-house team help that you’ll be hiring, but the out-of-house businesses that you’ll be paying to handle a portion of your work. There are some rules to follow when it comes to outsourcing, and this article will teach you how to outsource the right tasks to maximize the effectiveness of it.

The Three-Question Rule

Not every task needs to be outsourced, or even delegated. In order to figure out which tasks should be outsourced, you’ll need to first ask yourself three primary questions to determine whether it will be worth it:

1.      Does it need to be done?

2.      Can someone else do it better?

3.      Is it affordable?

Does It Need To Be Done?

First you need to determine whether it is a necessary task or an optional task. If it’s optional, then you’ll want to think about the negative effects of not doing it. If they’re minimal, then simply drop the task.

Can Someone Else Do It Better?

Next you’ll want to determine whether you’re the best person to do the job. For most entrepreneurs, this helps them figure out that maybe they should be outsourcing their web-building and content writing tasks to professionals. Think about other tasks that are necessary, and that someone else can do better.

Is It Affordable?

Third, you’ll want to think about whether it is affordable to outsource these tasks. How much will it cost? An easy way to figure this out is to do some research on the going rate for such projects/tasks, and compare them.

Only Outsource To Make More Money

You should only be outsourcing tasks in order to create more wealth for your business. If you’re offloading some work, you should be using that open time to focus on other aspects of your business that will allow you to bring in more income, be it training your team, or developing and running a new marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re using the time to bring in a larger income. Doing anything else will be an unwise decision, because you’ll only be spending more money, not making more.

Can It Be Done In House?

Another question that can be added to the list is whether the task can be done in house. Think of your team members. For instance, you don’t need to? Probably not.  If the task can be done by the team you already have, then simply add it to their job description. If it can’t be accomplished by the team, such as the time-consuming task of payroll, then outsource to another business that can take it off of your hands, opening up more time for you to do more important tasks.

Outsourcing can be incredibly beneficial to a business and its owner, but it can also be very damaging if not done wisely. Be thoughtful when you’re outsourcing, and be sure to outsource the right tasks.


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