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How To Become An Expert In 6 Steps

Less and less in business is a degree actually needed to be considered an expert. In all actuality, an expert is simply someone who knows more about a specific subject than the average person, and who has gained respect for that knowledge. Being an expert on a topic is the entrepreneur’s gateway to tapping into a market of curious people who need the information you have to offer. There are some simple steps you’ll need to take to get there.


You should already have a website and your social networking marketing campaign set up. You should already be working in your niche and gaining some credibility from the ground up. The process you’ll read below will help you boost that, not build it.

Step 1: Study The Experts

In order to become an expert of your chosen niche subject, you’ll need to know what the experts know. So start picking up books and studying those experts, gathering every bit of knowledge you possibly can about the topic.

Step 2: Gain Membership To 2 Niche-Related Organizations

This step is self-explanatory, but you’ll need to take care to do it the right way. You want to join organizations that other experts in your field have joined. This is a way to be sure that the organization you’re joining will have the credibility and recognition you need. All joining will likely require is a deposit fee, and that’s about it.

Step 3: Get Publicly Noticed By An Expert

A great way to do this is by going to the events of those organizations, and put on your best networking suit and smile. Start up conversations with the other known experts of your niche and start talking about what you know, and start building friendships with them, inviting them to talk to you as well. You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll be able to get a chance to network with them and have them recognize you publicly on their blogs and videos, as well as in seminars.

Step 5: Build Relationships

You also want to take your social networking to a new level while you’re studying. Start seeking out people in forums and in general who need advice and help in your niche, and start helping them. Answer all the questions you can, and if you ever find that you don’t know something, start learning where to find the answers.

Step 6: Videos!

Once you’ve started to build up enough customer and expert relationships, and you know quite a bit of information about your niche topic, start making free YouTube videos to share. These videos should be informative and helpful to those who may want to do business with you one day. You’ll be respected for helping, and for being knowledgeable.

Following these 6 steps will help you become recognized as an expert. Start building credentials, knowledge, and relationships, and soon you’ll be recognized as one of the go-to sources in the field of work that you’re in. You’ll quickly start finding ways to generate income from your expertise, and you don’t need a degree at all!

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