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Where Are My Customers?

One big mistake a lot of business owners make is appealing to the wrong audience by marketing in the wrong place. A simple example would be a business owner needing to appeal to a senior audience using Facebook instead of TV advertising. If you have your website search engine optimized, and you’re using every channel possible with the best content, giveaways, contests, and more, and you’re still not finding your customers, you may simply be looking in the wrong places. This is to help you figure out the new demographics, and learn how to find the right people to appeal to.


Web forums are a great way to find your target audience by looking for people who are already interested in the type of business you’re advertising. Register for as many niche-related forums as possible, and start handing out your free information there. Help the people on those sites, and make your way to becoming a respected expert. Always signature your posts and replies with your website, and be sure to list your credibility and business name and information on your profiles. This is a sure-fire way to attract some people who are interested in what you’re doing.

Facebook Groups

If you’ve created a Facebook business page and it’s not getting very many likes, you may want to think about creating a professional Facebook page and joining some niche-related groups. Afterward, you’ll carry yourself the same way you do on your forums. Build relationships with people in the groups by being helpful and generous with information until they consider you a leader and an expert. Then you’ll be able to introduce your business, and they will want to find out more about it because they already appreciate and respect you.

Selective Traditional

If you’re in the business of appealing to an age group that is not known for being active on the web (ages 2-11 and 45+) then you’ll want to go into more traditional marketing. In this process, however, you still want to be selective. If you appeal to senior citizens and don’t have the money to create a local television ad, then you’ll want to appeal to some senior living communities. The same advice is applicable in cases regarding young children; start networking with daycare centers and schools to get in touch with them as well as parents and guardians.

Go To Them

The general idea is to go to where your target audience hangs out, instead of starting in a place where none of them are and attempting to attract them to you. If you know your target audience isn’t on the web, you shouldn’t outlaw web-marketing practices simple because others will always have influence, but you should pay more attention to traditional marketing tactics. If your target audience is on the web, don’t spend so much time on traditional marketing and figure out exactly what parts of the Internet your audience frequents.

Using this strategy will help you figure out where all of your customers are, which will increase your leads and therefore your sales. Start looking in the right places; otherwise you’ll always come up empty handed.

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