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The Buzz-Worthy Formula: Get People Talking About Your Business

It’s pretty common knowledge that the best form of marketing is word of mouth, but what’s the formula for getting people to talk about your business. It’s a simple one, actually. Value + Engagement = Buzz.

Word of mouth doesn’t necessarily have to consist of a street team or hired promoters and advertisers. People talk to their friends and family about their day, and you want your business to be an important part of that more than any other aspect of your marketing campaign.

So what you need to do is identify what is valuable about your business, and engage others to a point of thinking about it when you’re not around, which will lead to them talking about it. There are some straightforward tactics to get people spreading the word about your business.

Facebook Contests

This is actually first on the list because it doesn’t require talking at all, and is probably one of the easiest ways to get the word out about your business. Choose a valuable product or service, and give away a handful for free. How do people enter to win?  Like, share, or comment on the announcement status. This particular contest should only be available to those of your customers who have liked your Facebook page, and all you have to do is say, “We have 7 signed books to give away! Like share or comment if you want them and we’ll pick at random by the end of the week!” Facebook is so public that your status will be visible not only to the customers that have liked your page, but all of their friends as well, which can easily turn into thousands of people and gain you a lot of notice.

Make a Difference

A simple way to create value is to aim to make a difference in your customers’ days, every day. Making a difference will both build longer-lasting relationships with your customers and get them talking to others about you. How do you make a difference? Identify a need and, very effectively, make it go away, while never leaving out that you’re the one that did it.

For instance, a physical trainer would want to ask someone what he or she is looking to gain out of his or her training experience. If someone says they want to lose weight in time for their wedding three months away, then the trainer needs to make it their top priority to bring the client to goal on time. Sure enough, the next time that client comes across someone wanting to lose weight they will refer their friend to the person who made a difference.

Engage The Niche Experts To Achieve Credibility (Value)

It is true that who you know is very important. Be sure to have some important people in your niche close to you, especially those on the information/news side. This is the easiest form of promotion, and if there’s a niche expert who blogs that mentions the value of your business, you can expect others to follow the lead in thinking so. Get in contact with some experts and offer to do a guest blog post, let them interview you about your business, or a free product/service in return for a review and endorsement on your webpage. This will help immensely in gaining your business credibility on a macro level, and therefore getting people to say, “If he said it works then it must really work”.

Now you know the formula for getting people to talk about your business. There are several other strategies that fall under the formula that can provide similar results for you, all you have to do is figure out which ones will work best for your business. Never forget to engage and present value in order to get people talking about your business, and you’ll have conquered the most effective form of marketing.


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