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Platform Building: Primary Tools You Need To Create A Visible, Audible Business

In order to be successful, a business needs a platform. There are several entrepreneurs who’ve heard the term but aren’t sure how and why it’s used in business. Your platform is your basis for being seen and heard, just like in a literal aspect. In business, however, this is the term used when describing your initial marketing goal. By the time you’re done with your original marketing campaign and ready to launch, you want your business to be standing proudly and firmly on its very own, very visible, very audible platform.

So, how do you do it? There are several steps, but we’re going to describe them here in a simple manner that will help you get started, and eventually get noticed.

Home Base

Every successful business has a home base. This home base is where all of the customers go to first, to handle transactions and any business communication. In the technology and information age, this home base is your web page, and you want to invest a great effort into making it excellent. You will need to make the content of your web page effective, listing credibility, comforting the target audience’s emotional state to bond them with your products/services, and telling them, quite logically, why doing business with your business is a wise choice.

Choose 1 Primary And 2 Secondary Communication Options

You’ll need to have other outlets to market and advertise your business. People aren’t just going to start popping up at the home base, they must first find out whether it exists. With that being said, leading people back to your home base is what your number one goal is with all of the communicating you’ll be doing. Pick one of the following as your main channel, and two as your secondary options.

·         Video (YouTube) is a great choice because it allows you to communicate very realistically with the customer. If your niche involves a lot of informational topics then you’ll easily see the advantage of using video media as your source for reaching out to your target audience.

·         Facebook is a wise choice of marketing standpoint for the mere fact that it allows you easy access to over one billion users. You can, equally as easily, create a business page and find your target market using Facebook’s business and marketing services, and you have access to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing services right at your fingertips at a very cheap rate. What a lot of business owners underestimate about Facebook is how many niche topic groups exist on it. This makes it easy for you to find people who already admittedly show interest in the type of business you have.

·         Twitter is another option, however it should stick to being one of your secondary forms of communication for lack of space and flexibility. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not very useful. Twitter follows Facebook in popularity and gives you easy access to millions of people. You can also easily monitor what’s being said about your business with the use of #hashtags. So, while Twitter may not be your main use for communicating, it can be your main tool for figuring out what’s being said about your business.

·         Blogging is one of the most popular forms of communication and can happen right on your website. Like YouTube, this is an option for businesses that have a lot of valuable information to share. You’ll want to learn a lot about SEO to get your blog noticed, but if you work at it there’s no reason it wouldn’t.

·         Google+ is the new kid on the block of social networks, but it combines Facebook and Skype services into a fully functional social media network that allows you to both update your status with photos, video and text, as well as conduct video meetings with other Google+ users. This can be a great way to hold hangouts and connect with your target audience, and perform some market research as well.

What you’ll need to do first is gather up the resources necessary to build your home base. Once your home base is finished up, pick your three communication options and start reaching out to your target audience. The more you reach out, the more people you have on your team. Once your business launches, you’ll already have the start of your customers, meaning you’ll already have your platform. Good Luck!

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