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Using Twitter To Aid Your Branding and Marketing Experience

Because Twitter is such a simple social networking site, it was once very easy for entrepreneurs to overlook the fact that it’s actually a very useful business tool and platform. One of the ways Twitter can help you and your business is by aiding in building and solidifying your brand. How so?

Building a Brand Isn’t Easy

It requires consistency, novelty, and some good ideas. It also requires that you know what your target audience is looking for. How better to find out than by using the world’s #1 chat site? With Twitter, you simply create an account modeled after your business, and have discussions involving your niche. From there, you get to introduce your business to your audience and get some feedback on your brand.


Monitor The Hashtags That Relate To Your Business

Twitter has the easiest form of monitoring on the web. With hashtags, (#hashtag), you can easily monitor the conversations that people are having about your business and your brand. Simply create a hashtag for your business, and start getting people to use it. Then you can see what they’re saying, giving you hints about what people like about your business, and also giving you some input on what you can do to improve your customers’ experiences.

Promoting Your Brand

Twitter also offers an easy way to promote your brand. Your hired team members in the sales/marketing department can all have brand-related Twitter accounts, through which they can discuss your business and brand in their own circles and networks. This will help get the word out about your business quickly.  Also, if you have a street team for your business, this method is quite easy to use as well. The people who support you can simply speak of business promotions, and everyday business topics as well.

Quick & Nearly Effortless

Now that you know how you can use Twitter to help promote and monitor your brand, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also very simple, quick, and easy to use.

·         Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters per post. You can create a post in under a minute, and connect to tens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers.

·         With applications like Hootsuite, you can not only tweet from your phone, allowing you to do so on the go, anywhere and at any time, but you can also schedule tweets in your queue. You can have every tweet you want delivered for a month set up in your Hootsuite account, and not have to touch your twitter at all in order to post.

·         Since you set up your Hootsuite account to schedule your tweets ahead of time, you only have to look at your Twitter to see if anyone’s mentioned you. When this happens, you should be sure to reply, in an effort to connect with people to develop relationships, gain feedback, and keep them talking about your business.

Twitter is one of the primary tools businesses use today when conducting their marketing campaign. People don’t realize that it can affect both your marketing campaign as well as your branding experience. It is one of the top platforms in starting and building a business, so be sure to add it to your toolbox.



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