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Using Facebook To Gain Meaningful Customer Relationships

Facebook is one of the best ways for you to connect with people who will be interested in the type of products and services that you’re offering. If you’re wondering what exactly Facebook can do for you, keep reading to find out.

What Type Of Profile Should I Create?

A lot of business owners start out with Facebook wondering whether they should create a business page or a regular profile for their business. The answer is that you should create a business page for your business, and a professional profile page for yourself in relation to your business as well. You’ll be using these pages differently, however your entire Facebook campaign will have the aim of generating traffic to your business and your website.

The Business Page

Your business page will have the name of your business, its information (most importantly, website URL), and your business’s logo. You can also add business-related photos into albums, such as winners of contests, or successful business events that your customers will be interested in. The primary strategies that you’ll be using in your business page are:

1.      Your Facebook business page will be used to update your followers with new and exciting business news and promotions.

2.      You will also be using PPC marketing to supply ads to your targeted audience. Facebook has one of the best PPC marketing campaigns available on the web, only competing with Google’s PPC campaign package.

3.      Your strength in your business page lies in the number of “likes” you can accrue. In order to do this, you’ll be supporting a number of contests and free giveaways that will only be available to your Facebook followers. This is important because of how easy it is to get the word out on Facebook. While other social networking sites require typing, Facebook only requires a click of one of two buttons (like or share) to let others know about your business. Your contests will be something along the lines of “Like if you want a sample of our new product! We have 7 to give away at random!” which takes only a few seconds to type and has the ability to have a huge impact on your business.

Your Professional Profile

Your professional profile will be used to develop more intimate relationships, directly connecting one-on-one with customers and prospective customers. Here are the specific steps that you should take to maximize the effectiveness of your professional Facebook profile.

1.      Join as many niche-related groups as possible.

2.      Start by simply conversing and being active in the groups. Have a leadership and expert mentality, offering advice and help whenever you get a chance. Be generous with the information you give.

3.      Once you’ve spent about a month developing relationships, start to discuss your brand and business lightly. Let people who are looking for your type of help know what products/services you offer without letting it hinder the personal relationships you’ve developed with the group members.

4.      Update your status on a weekly basis, mentioning business and niche related topics. Industry news is a big plus.

Facebook as a staple is any business owner’s marketing campaign, because it offers cheap and free ways to connect with people that other social media sites are lacking. It’s as quick and easy as Twitter, but allows you a much easier way to actively pursue your target audience by interests as well as traditional demographics. It is a necessity in order to have a successful web business.

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