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Always Give Listening Ears to Your Employees

It is often said that the success of any business organization is largely dependent on the caliber of people working in that organization. Your ability to effectively employ and utilize competent individuals with unique skills will go a long way to determine how successful your business will be. It is therefore essential to recruit and retain the right people that will align with the corporate culture and consistently sustain the momentum in the workplace. This factor has been considered very important. But many business owners continually neglect this principle of bottom-up-approach and decide to keep utilizing a top-down approach.  The isolation of your rich talent pool will always result to a fragmented organization with loyalty and trust fading away.

Today’s business and economic uncertainties should get leaders seriously active in engaging their employees. This does not refer to their motivational duties to the employees but on how their intelligence and know-how is utilized.

Ensure that your employees are working to their full potential and capacity because, if they are not, you aren’t either. In this regard, always inquire from your employees what they need to be more productive. Remember that it is only the individual doing the job that knows what is required to do it.  If you ask your employees what they need to get the job properly done, you are not only empowering them but you are also entrusting them. This is a genuine and very effective way to build unity, friendship and efficiency.

Employees would not want to disappoint their leaders, unless of course if their leaders don’t care. They are always willing to demonstrate that they can deliver even beyond expectations. As such, they might not say they need something to get the job done, fearing that this might be misinterpreted by their boss as a sign of weakness.

As a leader, encouraging and empowering your employees to speak up, and assisting them with the necessary tools to enhance their efficiency will always be a win-win situation for both parties. 

At one point or another we all need help, regardless of rank or hierarchy. But you might not be able to identify what they need until you ask.

Be wary to never create an atmosphere where people are afraid to make comments or ask questions.   Silence does not always mean understanding, and that everyone is on the same page, so it is your job as the boss to engage your team and start the communication process so everyone feels comfortable.

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