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Staying Healthy throughout Troubled Job Times at Work

Being let-go from a job can be troubled anytime, but especially during our current recession.  It is important to try and stay healthy, both physically and mentally, whether you are employed or not!

Here are some tips to stay healthy:

*Exercise regularly, try and maintain a healthy habit and have a consistent sleep schedule.

*Wash your hands upon arrival, before and after meals, or after sneezing and coughing.  This can both help to keep germs from your fellow employees and (in the case of laid off workers) keep you healthy for the job search.

*Wipe down your keyboard, mouse and phone.  This applies to work and home.  These are big germ collectors. 

* Use hand sanitizer, but not TOO much:  Use this on and off with keeping your hands moisturized to avoid cracks in skin. 

*Stay home when sick to avoid spreading germs to other employees.  Keep your hands away from your face when they are touching anything; a pen, pencil, paper clip, post-it’s.  This is a big way to transmit germs.

*Take frequent breaks throughout the day, so you don’t exhaust yourself.  This may in turn weaken the immune system and expose yourself to sicknesses and germs.

* Don’t smoke, and avoid walkways where people DO smoke.  Secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous as regular smoke and make you sick. 

*Try not to touch other people’s equipment, or things on their desk.  You never know what germs they may be carrying, or what they have touched. 

*Clean your work space every so often, as old food, etc. may harbor bacteria and viruses.

*Get a flu shot if it is offered!  Flu and its other assorted illnesses are very contagious to others.

*Look away from the computer screen every once in a while, on an object far away.  This will help to prevent eye strain, in employee or job seeker.

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