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How to Increase Your Earning Potential

Everyone wants to make more money in their current position.  How can we go about it to ensure that we get what we deserve?

Be Your Own Business

Managers are now encouraging successful business people to act as a business of one.  This makes it clear that you are concerned with the way the business is run, not just gunning for a raise.  As a business of one, you know the additional value you bring to a company and develop a plan for making or saving the company money.

Get More Education

Always try and get more education, reaching new levels.  Whether it is going for a Master’s degree or additional certifications, the advanced degree is the new basic degree of the past.  Oftentimes, even a managerial position will require an advanced degree.  This is to give employees incentive and to ferret out people who will not have enough business savvy for this position.

Don’t be Afraid to Branch Out

Oftentimes, an employee who takes on a part time job similar to what they want in their field is considered very ambitious.  This is because their primary concern is not hours and money, but the field they are passionate about.  To employers, this looks like the employee will do anything to build their way into a full-time job and increase potential earnings there.  Anything can help you branch out, whether it is a part time job, a hobby, or volunteer work. 

Do Research

Be sure to do research on how to build your earning potential, what qualifications are needed, etc.  Employees can easily find this information on job boards related to their field, or ask others how they did it.  Volunteering or posting on a job board can help you to get ahead.  Also, don’t be afraid to find a mentor, someone with more history and job experience.  They will tell you how they did it, and help you find out how you are viewed in your present company. Try picking someone within your department, with enough senior experience to offer a valuable opinion. 

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