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Tips for Building Great Employees

It is very important, particular in a start-up business, to hire excellent employees and train them well.  They can easily make or break your company.  As the employer, you have the power and tools to make this happen!

Be Equals

It is important to not to treat your employees as underlings, but equals. Good employees do take initiative and work independently, rather than just operating on orders.  It is essential to not let power go to your head too much and work as a team with your employees.  Don’t be afraid to ask your employees probing questions to clearly find out what they are capable of doing. 

Properly Assign Workload

Even the best employees all work at different paces- find out what employees work at what places, and deviate the workload accordingly. Start small and increase the job responsibilities and workload as the employee grows within the company.  An overwhelmed employee is an unhappy employee!  Rather than assigning one responsibility to an employee, let them get a taste of being in charge of an entire area. 

Take Some Blame

There is a reason managers are managers:  They typically have more industry experience and as such, are capable of making bigger mistakes.  Be prepared to accept blame when it falls on you, like when an employee does something they had no training in and makes a mistake.  Don’t be concerned overall whose fault it is, concentrate on solving the problem at hand.  This will make you look less petty as a boss, as most employees are probably going to immediately worry about their own safety once a mistake is made.

Accept Differences

Be sure to accept that different employees do things different ways.  Give your employees credit and they may even come up with a good idea that a boss might not have thought of.  Different perspectives are always nice to have around an office, and can contribute heavily to the office culture as well. 

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