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Find Business Ideas in Everyday Life

The best businesses have spawned from random ideas, everyday events, and (just guessing) maybe even a good dream.  Always pay attention to random events, and occurrences in everyday life to generate inspiration for your business…but how can we do this?

Behavior, not Intelligence

It has been said that intelligence does not dictate ideas, but your behavior.  People who are always going to new places are always hunting for something; in this case, a new business idea.  New ideas require creativity, which can only be found if you maintain a diverse lifestyle. Talk to people, hear stories, and keep your eyes open.  You may be able to find ideas that no one else can.  By examining new cultures and learning about them, this provides an excellent venue for finding business ideas. 

Discover Potential Opportunities and Track Them

At every corner, there is a new potential opportunity available for a new leader.  Sometimes, jobs fall by the wayside in haste.  As leader, your job is to keep track of all these abandoned projects, and oftentimes, a new one can spawn out of someone’s previously abandoned idea.  Use the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” idea when composing your list of future opportunities.  Bring all your potentials to a centralized location, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.  Like a plant, a growing idea needs nourishment to grow and flourish.  Make sure to label and organize your list according to topic for easier access. 

Take Cues from Others

Every company has their share of business problems.  Focus on how others solve these problems, and the ideas or tactics managers use. Borrowing ideas and reapplying them is sometimes the best way to stumble upon or maximize an opportunity.  Trust your instincts as a leader and don’t be afraid to get answers and advice from others.

*Aim to improve, not criticize previous ideas. 

*Create a balance of skepticism and openness:  It is good to be guarded about a potential idea, but also good to be excited!

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