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New Online Marketing Trends

As online marketing expands, there are always new trends to follow.  Anything online is very dynamic:  always changing and sometimes hard to follow.  Here are some general guidelines for some of the new year’s newest trends.

Mobile Boom

Studies have shown that 75% of the world now has access to some sort of mobile device.  In order to satisfy this enormous population, we must continue to focus on the expansion of mobile devices.  This is often referred to as “second screen” value, next to a computer screen, one is always glued to their second screen: their mobile device.  Brand owners need to start thinking about mobile apps, products, etc.  How can your company enhance its value?  By catering to those with a mobile device and offering their company on a mobile platform?

Social Networking

The rise in social networking has proven very influential to the growth of big business over the years.  Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more have created a specific niche for consumers, while keeping their content fun and interesting.  As a marketing trend, developers are focusing more and more on the social content and value of their products. “How can I get my product out and available on a social network?”  is always on a business owner’s mind.

Keeping Old Customers Loyal

Now more than ever, there is a push to keep old customers loyal to a company that they have always been a part of.  This is more difficult to do now because of the staggering number of choices and competing companies a product may have.  It is very important that customers share their experience of a product and offer their own opinions.  These unbiased and honest opinions will draw in new customers and acts as a creative way to keep people interested in the product. 

With the combination of mobile branding, social branding, and the loyal of existing customers, these are some of the more popular marketing trends we are seeing in the new year. 

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