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Off the Beaten Path in South Dakota: Part Two

Here are more of the stranger attractions in South Dakota:  not just another prairie state!

Cosmos Mystery Area

Located in Rapid City, the Cosmos Mystery Area is a place where one can defy gravity- then buy a mug to prove they were there.  Here, people shrink and grow, things veer off course, and the laws of gravity are stretched thin.  Tour guides bring you to a shack, and the last half of the journey is all downhill- the better to avoid vortexes with. Passing a clump of trees that all mysteriously seem to bend toward something, guests approach a second shack:  a replica of the first, but with all the same strange effects. After a few more demonstrations, people are invited to sit in the Cosmos Truth Chair:  a chair that seems to suspend itself in mid-air by only its rear legs. Get sucked in to the Cosmos Mystery Area, if you dare!


North of Keystone two miles on US 16, then east one mile on US 16 toward Rapid City. Or from Rapid City, go South on Hwy 16 past Rockerville until you see the blue entrance sign for the Cosmos before US 16A.


1880 Cowboy Town

The Wild West comes to life:  with robots!  Yes, 1880 Cowboy Town is an automated Wild West town built entirely of robots in the 1960’s in Buffalo Ridge, SD.  It helps the Wild West spirit come to life. Looking abandoned, 1880 Cowboy Town does in fact resemble an old western shantytown.  All the robots will always be doing different things, so each time you visit will be different as well.  The Town's one street bisects a Greatest Hits collection of Wild West icons: a saloon, a fort, a Boot Hill, a gallows, and a gold mine.  One can view an Abraham Lincoln tribute, and ghosts at work, as well as the citizens of this town who may or may not be happy to see you.  


Out behind the Buffalo Ridge Country Store. I-90 exit 390, then drive west a quarter-mile on Hwy 38.

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