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South Dakota: An Overview

The state of South Dakota has over 820,000 citizens.  South Dakota has its heritage within the roots of Native American culture, but also has French roots. The state is typically divided into 4 regions.

The Western Region

The Western region of South Dakota is typically referred to as Black Hills, Badlands, and Lakes Region of the state. It holds one of the largest concentrations of parks, monuments and caves in the Midwest.  The Black Hills are home to 6 national parks, and one can also explore their passion for the Old West by visiting sites like Deadwood and Wounded Knee.  Geologists can explore Jewel Cave, the second biggest cave in the World!  There is of course Mount Rushmore in this region, for patriots of all ages, as a classic symbol of America. For the rock climber, there is Devil’s Tower, right across the Wyoming state border.  It presents a challenge, as a “natural skyscraper” of rock.  There is also camping, buffalo sitings, and other examples of Midwest culture meets Old West meets classic Native American.  There is a blend of everything for those in the Western Region!

Northeast Region

The Northeast region of South Dakota is commonly referred to as the Glacial Lakes and Prairies Region of the state. A 20 county area, the northeast region is known for its hunting and fishing prowess, among other attractions. Home to many famous Americans like Laura Ingalls Wilder and L. Frank Baum, the region celebrates with seasonal festivals, threshing shows and more.  There is an aquatic center in nearby Aberdeen, one of the state’s biggest cities.  The Prairie region is also home to some of the best birding trails in the country.

Central Region

The Central, or Great Lakes, Region of South Dakota is made up of 4 lakes.  Explored by Lewis and Clark themselves, Central South Dakota is an excellent place to learn about exploration, and various Native American tribes that settled there. With fishing, camping, hunting, and birding in abundance, people can really experience nature in central South Dakota.  The South Dakota Game, Fishing, and Parks Department keep everything in order so people of all ages can experience nature.  There is even a Kid’s Fishing Weekend, for little campers.

Southeast Region

The Southeast Region of South Dakota is home to over 100 fishing lakes, family attractions, and other examples of the state’s culture.  This region is home to the largest city in the state, Sioux Falls.  With state parks, rodeos, and year-round county fairs among other attractions, Southeast South Dakota has something for everyone!

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