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Taming a Difficult Boss

A difficult boss may personify in different forms – inconsistencey, bullying, backstabbing or unprofessional. In any case, dealing with them is a real challenge, that too without losing your steam. But, taming them is not very difficult. Here are a few strategies to adjust to the difficult boss:

Be proactive – Think of a behavior pattern that makes you irritated about your boss. Develop a plan that would help you to deal with the situation. Anticipating the behavior pattern from your boss and having an action plan ready would help to keep the situation cool. If you see the bad behavior, you will have your action plan with you and if on the other hand, the boss expresses good behaviour, appreciate and reinforce the same. Always be positive in your approach and be confident. Any person with a plan against you will get the feeling that you are not intimidated by his/her presence or behavior.

Prepare your response – Since you have learnt to anticipate the bad behavior pattern in your boss, it is easy to plan your responses too. You can practice delivering them too, if needed. Statements like ‘it is de-motivating’ may help to prove your point. You also have to prepare for fallout when you stand up against a difficult boss. It is possible that he/she may single you out in the group for putting your point forward.

Be professional in your approach – If you plan to register a complaint against your boss to higher authorities, do follow the proper procedures in the organization. Never lose your patience or end up in a difficult argument when you plan to do so. Be straight forward and professional in your approach and keep your cool.

Be persistent in your efforts – It is difficult to change a person overnight. It requires persistent efforts from your side and hence be prepared for a long fight. When you are persistent, your colleagues also may join you in your efforts to stand up against the difficult boss.



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