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Important Tips To Follow To Land Your Dream Job

In the present economy, any step you take can erode or build your personal brand. Making the right branding decisions is necessary because that is when you would be able to become more employable and leverage your career. There are so many uncertainties in today’s workplace. Your degree does not guarantee you a good job, and even if you have one, how about job security? People are dissatisfied with their current jobs and are always looking for new opportunities. All these are pointing to one direction: the times of traditional career strategy are over, and people need to evolve with the times.

Your success is largely dependent on your experience, creativity, passion and network. It equally depends on your ability to seek for and utilize opportunities. It doesn’t lie solely on your college degree anymore. While hard skills are the basis used to differentiate professionals, companies are now evaluating their potential employees and what they can add to the company based on their soft skills. Therefore you need to brand yourself and show prospective employers the qualities you have that will be of immense benefit to them. Here are five ways that will help you achieve this:

1. Show that you are genuinely interested to work with them.

Efforts and body language alone are enough to tell some employers whether you are fit for them or not. In a situation where there are numerous qualified candidates with hard skills, the employer tries to explore other skills to find the best candidate. Always go the extra mile when looking for a job. Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. If you have in mind the type of company you want to work for, and you have confidence in yourself, follow their programs closely and make sure you are fully prepared when they have a job opening for your skills.

2. Always be aware of recent happenings.

In the present economy, information can be the difference between a dream and an actualized goal. Always be informed on new technological developments.  How relevant you are will determine how employable you will be. You can polish your online profile with information and the latest technology to help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Use social media and other networking tools to boost your credibility.

Connect with people who will help you advance in your chosen career. LinkedIn is a very good example of websites that can help you connect with people and business executives in your industry. Apart from connecting online and offline, it is equally important to seek for mentors who understand your industry very well and have been where you are trying to go. The internet has even made it a lot easier to find mentors.

4. Are you willing to work for free?

Most graduate hires these days are won by those who have one form of internship experience or another. Try to get involved in internship programs, even if it is unpaid, because they can get you full time paid jobs. Also, you will be able to help others and connect with people that might be of assistance to you as you progress in your career. 



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